Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Game Review: Portal

Just so you know, I did an LP on it over here:
I may go back to doing LPs but I most likely won't any time soon. I also did one on Fatal Frame III but stopped and I've been too lazy to continue Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Portal, a puzzle game released in 2007 by Valve is a creative game with an interesting concept, the travel from point A to D but to get there you need to utilize point B and C which are the game's portals which can be placed on light colored surfaces mostly. The portals can be used to teleport to certain areas which can seem easy but not all surfaces may be affected by your "Portal Gun" and a combination of switches, items, platforming and gravity (cause force and velocity is maintained when traveling through a portal) will have to be used to reach the end. The game is in spirit a sequel to the game Narbacular Drop.

The plot opens up with two characters, one named Chell and another named GLaDOS who is robot. GLaDOS instructs Chell into vigorous "testing" on products for a defunct fictional company called Aperature Science. GLaDOS soon becomes corrupted and attempts to kill Chell while providing some sarcastic commentary throughout the game.

The gameplay is pretty well balanced, you can obviously get to a lot of places with just the portal gun but you are not in possession of it until about a couple "tests" into the game so you are introduced to buttons, weighted storage cubes, emancipation grills, etc. before the gun.

The story is pretty short, not much to talk about, at least not yet... Unless you want to be spoiled!

The soundtrack... nothing to say but GLaDOS sings a song called "Still Alive" (But different from Mirror's Edge and I can play it on the flute :D) at the end credits. The song is pretty popular with fans.

No negatives to the game except that its a bit short, it was only meant to be a small game that was part of the Orange Box compilation. Otherwise, its a near perfect game, great and challenging!

I give this game 84 out of 100

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